annie’s big artist dreams

*I seek a fully funded artist studio space with natural light, wide open space, and hardwood floors where I can rehearse with my band, slam on my typewriter keys, and write my heart out freely. 

*I seek to make art that brings more love and healing into the world. 

*I seek grant funding for my work including my performance pieces, albums, and zines. Oh and more paid shows too!

*I seek a band of loving, badass women, femmes, & queer people to record, tour, and create influential and meaningful music with while we become the unapologetic humans we are meant to be, travel, heal, and have fun doing what we love. 

*I seek an alternative, continuing artist education through artist residencies, music classes, art studio classes, poetry classes, documentary classes, storytelling circles, and the like!

*One day, I hope to establish a self-care & art school for alternative learners like me where artists could come be nurtured and learn from one another through skill shares and open collaboration. 

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