about this poet:

Annie Baldwin is an improvisational, spoken word artist fusing her poetry with music and letting it linger wherever she takes up space.

She considers herself a guerrilla poet as she performs with street musicians all over the midwest and leaves her typewritten work in unexpected places from coffee shops to bus stops to graffiti on bathroom stalls.

Her work has been described as wandering prose as she tells stories about her wild life as she finds the magic and meaning in the synchronicity that surrounds her. She seeks to use vulnerability and authenticity for healing, community building, and unapologetically starting revolutions in her lifetime.

But mostly,

she speaks her truth so others can do the same.

Legend goes that Annie Baldwin once sold & perform this typewritten poem in New York City for $100 in the lobby of the Chelsea High Line Hotel.

The concierge however charged her $50 for the paper she wrote on but she took the money, ran out the door, and hailed a cab back to Times Square.

Annie's first official poetry reading at the moretum arboretum when she was 12. 

She performed a poem about trees.

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